Indian Palm Leaf Readings

The Rishis were sages living thousands of years ago in India

They had many paranormal powers and could perceive time and space from a higher perspective, a different dimension.

They also saw the individual Iives of a few million people, living in all ages and wrote down what the saw on palm leaves. 

The palm leaves are stored in temple libraries in India, which you can visit to find your personal palm leaf and life prediction.

It will have inscribed your name as well as the names of your parents, your date of birth and other information.

Besides predictions, the leaves also contain recommendations on how to clear and transform karmic blockages and improve our life experience which ultimately is a gift and service to all Beings, all of Creation.

It is a blessing to find your palmleaf and to receive the transmission. 

MyPalmLeaf is a platform that makes it possible for people from all around the world to find their Palm Leaf and have the reading without traveling to India. 



"Love is the undisturbed balance that binds this universe together"

- Mahavatar Babji 



The Forest Retreat was created with the help of MyPalmleaf to honour Shiva and the Rishis