PARVATI PALACE  "This cabin made me deeply happy for the month I stayed here!

Tucked away on the edge of a magical forest, it had everything I needed for simple living.

Small yet feels spacious with three levels like a fairytale gingerbread house, cozy kitchen downstairs, light-filled practice space upstairs and sleeping loft. I spent many hours wandering in the woods and just sitting on the balcony watching the trees and the rain.

It was a perfect home for a time of silence and contemplation."


- Tash Friedman, USA 

PARVATI PALACE  "La mejor ubicación junto al río.

Excelente anfitrión y muy servicial


- Rj Benitez, Mexico

EL MOLINO  "It is an excellent place to disconnect from everything, to enjoy the incredible landscape that surrounds El Molino, a retreat in this place will always be the best option and Alexis the onsite host made out stay much easier, a fully recommend place."


- Nancy Bello, Mexico 

EL MOLINO   "The hut is really deep in the forest all by itself, that's a pleasure! There is even a source from which you can get your water. You should know how to make fire and be prepared for the fact there is no electricity, so at least have candles and a flashlight with you.

All in all a great experience!"


- Anja Gundelach, Germany